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You know you love A Digital Tale RPG too much when...

How did this all start? Well, our little Ba-chan (Bashou) came up with this idea, and other members added to the list. If you'd like to add something, then send it to Kora! In the meantime, enjoy.

  1. When you buy FF9, you mistake Vivi for Magikmon.
  2. With your strong belief that Vivi is Magikmon, you take it to Square to officially change it that way.
  3. You save Kora money by buying for her. ( How nice...! )
  4. Since you're such a major Bashou fan, you insist on wearing nothing but clothing in brown and yellow and eat nothing but bananas.
  5. Since you're such a major Riki fan, you think any little kid is ugly compared to him.
  6. Since you're such a major Kora fan, you dye your hair blue and play soccer 24/7 and only stop to check out the Digital Tale homepage.
  7. Since you're such a major Tika fan, you hug every tree you see and mistake an aspen tree for Aspenmon, saying, "It's me, Tika! Let's go save the Digiworld!"
  8. Since you love Ken so much, you carry a sword around everywhere and slit your face just to look like him.
  9. Because you love Rikou sooo much, you demand that Bill Gates hand over his fortune to him since Rikou is way smarter than that nerd.
  10. Since you love Gokei, you don't watch any movie, TV show or commericial without him in them and refuse to date until Gokei asks you out. ( Which will be very strange for guys... x.X;; )
  11. You try to get laws against pizza as you believe they offend Makalumon because people eat them.
  12. You take a sudden interest in conquering outer space. ( 'Nuff said. -.-;; )
  13. You dye your hair blue and white and always wear a yellow kimono, even in the shower.
  14. You actually like scary, humanoid Digimon in tight suits...
  15. You get angry at the DT members for calling Delirymon ' Deli, ' saying that it makes her sound like she is a place to buy food and not like the noble centaur she is.
  16. You stongly have faith in your belief that Aeromon can even fly faster then light. You actually find him to prove so.
  17. When free pony rides are being given out, you pout and whine, " But you didn't bring Coltmon! I wanna ride the Coltmon! " you have to be dragged off by firemen, and you are still whing about riding a Coltmon.
  18. If someone copies ADTRPG, you send them a one million word essay about why they should delete their site. And if it actually works.
  19. When it starts to rain, you run outside, looking for Squirrimon.
  20. You figure out who each DT character would be if they were in other anime.
  21. You believe that there really IS a Digital World.
  22. You actually find a way to go there.
  23. You cryogenically freeze yourself for 50 years in hopes of meeting the cast of DT.
  24. Whenever you go to an observatory, you wonder where Galactimon's throne room is.
  25. You search for giant flies, in the hope that they will lead you to LadyAsuramon.
  26. You write Digital Tale RPG fan fiction, and submit fan art.
  27. You've come up with the most outlandish character pairings (like Gokei + Lori, Gally + Azzie, Kora + Rikou *snicker*, etc.)
  28. You cut your hair to shoulder length and dye it blonde with the hope of being mistaken for Tika.
  29. You claim that your grandfather really IS named Jyou Kido.
  30. You are reading this list.
  31. You have added to this list.


If 0-5 of these apply to you, then you're alright for now. But try to keep on the safe side.
If 5-10 of these apply to you, then we are getting away. Right now.
If 10-20 of these apply to you, then take a year-long vacation in an area without computers or TV. Two years if its serious. In the meantime, the DT members will be filing a restraining order.
If 21-31 of these apply to you, you need major, humongous help. A decades' vacation without computers won't even help your situation. And Bashou shall type no more because she is moving to Mars to get away from you.

Submitted by Rebecca Mooney:

  1. You want to make a pizza have an brain so you can have Bashou's digimon (I forget the name...).
  2. You dye your hair blue and wear purple contacts to look like Kora.
  3. You want to join the &^%#$ RPG (I have been trying for months!!!!)
  4. You act like a goth (Yo Tika!)
  5. You treat the chacthers like gods (I hope no one is doing that one! *sweat drop* *gulp*)

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