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~ Things to Stay Away From ~


Like it says on the joining page, the name should be in Japanese. I don't have to tell you how many applications we get with non-Japanese names. A few, with good reason, are okay. But, stay away from non-Japanese names.
If you are having problems creating a Japanese name, put down to words that you want the name to mean, and Kora will create a name for you ^^ By words, I mean something like 'stubborn dreamer'. Please don't request that we make an American name Japanese. --; That's annoying.
Note from ex-member Ninjin: Okay, law of creating characters: Do not use names which contain commonly used Japanese Words (Sugoi, Eechi, Hentai, Kawaii, Kowai, Baka, Hai, Konichi wa, Ohayo, etc.) which most everyone will know, others like Neko (cat), Hoshi (star), Ninjin(carrot), Nemui(sleepy), are fine.

Birthday & Astrological Sign

Yeesh! oO I said we had no Pisceses, and then every single app was a Pisces.. --; Just try not to pick a sign that many characters in the RPG have. So, for all you lazy people out there - *pokes about 3/4 of the applicants* Here are the signs for the current characters in the RPG: Scorpio (Kora), Leo (Tika), Aquarius (Rikou, Bashou), Cancer (Ken), Capricorn (Gokei), Pisces (Riki), Libra (Lori), Virgo (Mei).
The following signs are not in use: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Saggitarius. At this point, I'll recommend staying away from Aquarius. We already have two.


Ahh, yes. The characters in the RPG are currently 12 and 13. Considering the possible range of ages to choose from is 6-15, we don't have much a of a range. Let's see some 6 and 7-year olds running around! *glomps Riki* We adore little kids, really we do! ^-^ Put anything older than 12, and Azzie shall eat you.
For references sakes, the current ages of characters in the RPG are: Kora (13), Tika (13), Ken (13), Rikou (13), Gokei (12), Riki (6), Bashou (12) Lori (16), Mei (somewhere between 6 and 9).


Hair Color - We already have two characters with bluish hair, so avoid blue. Come to think of it, we don't have any redheads, but I wouldn't exactly recommend that since the kids are all from Japan.
Eye Color - Now I'll say to avoid strange eye colors. Kora has violet and Ken has indigo. Other than that, we have basically all green eyes and brown eyes. Blue eyes would be interesting, but again, the characters ARE from Japan.. ^^;;;
Height - *sigh* Just because your character and you are the same age doesn't mean they should have the same height as you do. In fact, the kids should all be a tad shorter, since this is digimon and we want younger kids to LOOK like young kids. ^^ Basically, don't be over 5'2", and even that's pushing it.


Try and stay away from the adventurous, risk-taking types. We have two, and that is usually some heavy competition. ^^ Try selfish, snobby, immature, hyper, anything unique or unusual.


I can't say this enough: don't use one of the original digidestined as your character's relative! Kora is the only one related to the original digidestined, so please stop saying your character is too. There are tons of other family combinations out there! Also, please avoid divorced parents or children with only one parent/no parents.

Crest & Crest Color

The current characters' crests are: Reliability, Faith, Strength, Harmony, Charisma, Creativity and Clumsiness. And in case you don't remember, the crests from the show are: Courage, Friendship, Knowledge, Reliability, Love, Sincerity, Hope and Light. If you are looking for some crest ideas, here are some you can use.
Hospitality, Honesty, Cunning, Irony, Determination, Agility, Sensitivity, Ambition, Confidence, Persistance, Pride, Truth, Enthusiasm, Grace, Sympathy.
The current crest colors are: Violet (Reliability), Green (Strength), Red (Harmony), Blue (Creativity), Yellow (Charisma), Teal (Faith) and Brown (Clumsiness). I'd suggest using pastel colors like peach, pink, lavender and lime green. Also, any shade of brown is fine, as well as turquiose and tan.


Avoid sob stories, please. We dislike them very much. ^-^ Also, any human characters MUST have lived in Japan for their entire lives or the good majority. If they are from somewhere else and moved to Japan, then they most likely wouldn't have a Japanese name and we would be very angry. :P


In most of the applications we've received, the digimon have either water-based or fire-based attacks. On a note, here are the elements of the characters in the RPG.
Magikmon - Magic
Aspenmon - Plants
LadyAsuramon - Coldheartedness, Poison
Galactimon - Space
Mokomon - Electricity
Aeromon - Flight/Wind
Delirymon - Delirium, Insanity
Tsumetaimon - Ice/Water
Squirrimon - Storms
Coltmon - Sand/Wind
Snappermon - Gravity/Metal
Makalumon - Pizza
MegaVinemon - Vines

If you're having a hard time coming up with an element for your digimon, here are some ideas you can use.

Fruit, Fear, Snow, Dreams, Moonlight, Hypnotics, Soil.

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